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Welcome everyone.

We are here to offer an unforgettable experience. Most everyone has been on some form of nature hike, but have you ever experienced having a llama for a trekking companion? We are here to make this happen. Come enjoy breath taking scenery, which is great for photography, a knowledgeable and friendly guide, back country picnic, and llamas for hiking companions.

We look forward to meeting you thanks.

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2 Hour llama hike

Difficulty level - Easy

This 2 hour llama hike will be unforgettable, because not only are the views great, but you get your own llama to lead while hiking. We will be traversing up mountain trails, through beautiful lush forest and mountain grass fields.

4 Hour llama hike

Difficulty level - Moderate 

This 4 hour llama hike will include all the same great details as our 2 hour hikes, but this hike will include an experience of having a backcountry picnic, where you will enjoy a variety of fresh fruits, cheeses, nuts, crackers, meats, and sour dough bread teamed with home made jams and honey.


6 - 8 hour llama hike

or an overnight trek

Difficulty Level - Hard

This hike is a great upgrade to our shorter day hikes. Not only are the views spectacular, but you will be able to bond more with your new llama friend. This adventure will take you to the top of rock canyon where you'll be able to see down rock canyon into Utah county. We with also enjoy a backcountry picnic   

Special request hike

Special request hikes
Must schedule 2 weeks in
advance. Contact us with details

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