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Llama facts

Llamas were domesticated in South America and have been packers for the people of the Andes mountains for centuries.

Llamas are part of the Camelid family. 

Typically llamas can carry 65-75 pounds for up to to 20 miles a day.

They can pack upwards of 25 to 30 percent of their body weight.

Llamas are very sure footed animals because they have padded feet with a split toe, also because they balance 65% of their weight on their front legs using the neck and head as a counter weight. 

Llamas have fighting teeth. Male llamas are a very proud and dominant animal and would fight for breeding rights like many other animals do.

They have a 350 day gestation time.

Llamas Spit!!! Usually only at each other.

WATER???? llamas need water offered to them everyday on the mountain, which will ensure the health of each llamas.


Llamas are a very powerful animal that is very athletic and agile, but at the same time a delicate animal. They begin their lives much like any other animal but turn into amazing working animals also referred to as "Beasts of Burden". When packing with llamas for adventure or hunting they don't need feed packed in because they can survive on what the land has to offer such as grass and other vegetation, which can make trekking & hunting some of the roughest country in North America with these animals right by your side a lot easier than using horses or mules.  

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