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Stud Service

Thing required before delivering and pick-up of Females for stud service.

* Females must have Proper paperwork require by the state of Utah to cross state lines.

*Have your veterinarian run fecal testing for internal parasites. (Veterinarian must send us results)

*Have your female up to date on her vaccinations.

*Have female properly groomed with feet trimming and sheering if needed.

*Pay $250 (non-refundable deposit) at or before delivery.

*Pay remaining balance of stud fee at pick-up.

*We suggest that the female has 4-6 or more generational separation.

* Note! Females that are not in shape or properly supplemented on feed and or vitamins may not conceive.

Deposit info: Your deposit will be used for the 90-120 day care of your llama. The deposit covers feed, supplements, mineral, vitamins, shelter, bedding, water and additional exercise. also there will be an ultrasound for confirmation on pregnancy. 


Guaranteed live birth  

If there is no live birth we'll refund your stud service cost.

Please contact us with any questions thanks

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